Picture Perfect Consultations

Picture Perfect Consultations

Let’s admit it. Choosing what to wear for photos can be super stressful! But finding that perfect outfit can be a bit easier with a little help of Boheme guidance.

Luckily, our staff have a style tip or two to help you select the perfect photo-worthy wardrobe options to help anyone look and feel amazing for your photo session.

Some Tips to Consider:

    • Coordinate. We're not big on being matchy-matchy: Let's Coordinate! 
    • Highlight your best asset. 
    • Choose your color palette first.
    • Pick a statement piece first and if there are other individuals in the picture, pull colors from that statement piece! 
    • Don't forget about the shoes. (Unless you're like the Boheme crew, who tend to be barefoot the majority for the time). Nothing will throw your look off more than a pair of ratty old shoes. 
    • For photos taken in your home, keep in mind and choose colors from your home.
    • Use your color wheel! Use complementary colors. For 2 colors located directly opposite each other, they are considered complimentary. You can use those 2 colors both in your location and attire! 
    • Outside Pictures: Simple, minimalistic clothing is great so that it doesn't take take away from the environment and your beautiful surroundings. Or: sometimes it's okay to go bold in your environment that has minimal various colors and busyness. It's all about your vibe, sis. It good to focus on colors and textures that will compliment your location whichever vibe you choose. 
    • Newborn/Family Home Pics: Many of these pictures tend to be taken on a bed. We always recommend cotton, linen, no shoes, and comfortable! Staying neutral in a bedroom setting will keep photos simple and soft. (Side note: Don't forget about the bedspread! Bright or patterns tend to take away from the picture. We suggest go light and neutral here too!) And remember, our brick & mortar location offers a small handpicked section of baby too! 
    • Try and skip prominent logos and wording. 
    • If you know us, we love neutral colors. This helps give the result of that monochromatic look. Soft neutrals always tend to bring focus back to the individuals in the picture. 
    • Muted Colors: Muted tones always look so beautiful in pictures. If you love pattern, we typically (but not always!) recommend pieces that have smaller patterns, so it's not taking focus away from the individual. 
    • Be Bold. If being bold is more you style, that's great! Adding cheerful colors or pattern to the mix is always a win. With a group, we typically advise to stick to only a few happy colors mixed in with some neutral details to help tame just a touch. Extra points when throwing someone in the mix wearing a geometric pattern, polka dots, or stripes. 
    • Be YOU. Think about your style/colors/cut of what you wear on the daily. Outfits/colors/cuts that you are the most comfortable in, help show the best version of yourself.  When you are comfortable in your clothing, you tend to feel more relaxed, natural, confident and beautiful.

Clothes can make or break a picture. But we want YOU to be the star of your picture! Your clothing should coordinate, not take it over.  Take your styling and professional photos to the next level with the help of Boheme and our amazing staff! We offer private shopping consultations for those needing a little guidance or to brainstorm ideas you want to bring to life. Not many want to do this with a store full of other shoppers. If you're wanting to come in and try on pieces or need help coordinating your already decided on pieces: bring them with you and let's get to work! Even if you don't find the exact piece you're wanting - we'll make sure you leave here with a game plan to make your hunt more stress free and successful! Call to discuss or schedule a private consultation today!